Wildlife at Kelsey Gardens

There are several species of mammals found at Kelsey Gardens and the surrounding fields including Roe Deer, Fox, Rabbit, Hare, Weasel, Stoat and Water Vole.  Grass Snakes are also seen.

Roe Deer in an adjacent field

Kelsey Gardens is an ideal spot for bird watching with a variety of habitats on the site.  There have been over 100 species recorded on the site including Osprey and more recently Bittern.  Kingfishers and Great Crested Grebes nest on the site and Barn Owls can be seen daily.   In 2012 a pair of Herons nested for the first time and have now created a heronry which in 2020 had five active nests.

Occasional bird watching taster courses are held here led by local expert Michael Flowers. See the news page for more information.

For a list of bird species recorded at Kelsey Gardens, click HERE.