Kelsey Gardens is an area of disused gravel pits.  In the 1850s work started on the Hull to Withernsea railway line at the south end of the site and the gravel was extracted to supply ballast for the line. The work proceeded eastward to Withernsea and westward to Hull. When the line was open steam engines stopped at this point to take on water.

In 1962 the line was closed and is now used as a footpath.

The southern lake was used for several years in the 60s and 70s for water skiing and is still know by locals as the "Ski Pond."  The northern lake was used as a fishing lake by Fenner's Social Club of Hull.

The ponds have been taken over in recent years and are being converted into a leisure area under the management of Ian and his wife, Chris.

Ian and Chris are very interested in the history of the site. If you have any photos that you are willing to share please contact us.